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Registrations NOW Open for

February -June 2023

The Storm Academy is Finally ready and we are now taking registrations for September-June 2022-2023

 The Storm Academy is an expansion and the future of The Humblehorse Ranch, Using our Discovery Riding Program as our baseline and backbone, the Storm Academy is a one-of-a-kind and Stand-alone program. 

Our Goal in Launching Storm Academy is to take riders who are dedicated and driven to learn all concepts surrounding proper horsemanship from the ground up to advanced riding levels. We will strive to develop each student to excel to their maximum skill level and guide them on their journey to reach all their dreams and goals surrounding all aspects of horsemanship. We look forward to certifying our riders as they complete various programs and modules.


Storm Academy is managed and taught by highly certified staff, with over 25 years of experience. 


Becky Skuter is our head Certified Western riding coach. She has Been riding since the age of 6 and has over 25 years of experience.  Becky graduated Olds college, AB In 2003 with her Western coaching certification, shortly after The Humblehorse Ranch opened its doors.  Becky has also traveled the world teaching western riding to Malaysia, Greece, Alabama and also worked with Cavalia in Beijing China.


All Staff- started off riding with Becky, now fully certified Storm Rider instructors! 


So What is Storm Academy you ask?


Storm Academy runs in three-month sessions at a time, so we ask for a minimum of a three-month contract at a time, but we strive for full program commitment. Each Module will take approximately 3 months to complete ( may vary with each riders skill level)


In the first year( 12 months) of Storm Academy, riders will work on getting through 4 rider modules which we are calling the Storm Rider Modules. Storm Rider Modules 1, 2, 3, 4 will roughly take 3 months each to learn and be tested on. These modules are based on Equine Canada Rider level modules 1-4, as well as over 25 years of personal experience, world travel, and competition. Essentially Storm Rider modules are Equine Canada rider level 1-4 with extra content, and require a higher caliber of skill to complete! You will become a Humblehorse Storm Rider once you have made it into the academy and passed all 4 modules ( Module testing is not mandatory) 


After completion of each Storm Rider Module test, each rider will receive a Passing Certificate Signed by the Coach and Humblhorse Ranch. We would recommend you frame each certificate as it truly is quite an accomplishment. 

Passing your storm Storm Rider modules  opens the doors to move onto our advanced programs which include :


*Storm Recreational Instructor Cert

*Advanced storm rider 1-4

*The Storm Trials ( Advanced Riding)

*Phoenix Recreational boarding program 

*Train the Green horse ( level 1)

*Conditioning and Endurance 

…… and many more exciting programs under development 


You will now also have the opportunity to become part of our Phoenix Recreational Boarding Program if your goal is to one day be a horse owner 



How Do I  become part of the Storm Academy?


There will be a rider TRY-OUT for the Storm Academy If:

**The demand is too high 

**You  are not a current student and have never ridden with us before

**If the coach feels the need to assess your current skill level


** If you try out and we feel you are just not quite ready for the hands-on program yet, we don’t have space at the moment or you just can’t commit to the full program at this time, don't get discouraged this is NOT the end. There are two possible other options 


  1. We will still be holding a few Discovery lesson classes a week within the Academy ( in the regular 4-week session) for those who are interested in possibly making and committing to the full academy eventually but are unable to at this point due to skill, or other commitments. These lessons will still follow the storm rider modules 1-4 and riders will still be eligible to be tested …. But the time to complete each module will take longer as the class is once a week. These will be full discovery classes 1 hour 15 min a week, a minimum 3-month commitment at a time. Space is very limited. ( These Classes are within the Storm Academy )


    2. We will also still have a few Discovery 4 week lesson sessions at a time ( without a 3-month commitment ) these lessons will cover the basics and are geared toward students looking to just get started but are not quite sure how committed they can be to being a member in the Academy. ( These classes are not part of Storm Academy)



Full Storm Academy Riders will Ride 2x a week and participate in our very 4th-week in-class event ( possible gymkhana, cowboy challenge, endurance ride…all seasonal. All FULL Storm Academy riders are encouraged to participate in competitive or Non-competitive. They will compete with their other classmates in the 4th week every month.🐎🤠



Full Storm Academy 

*1 Ride is coached lesson/week 

*1 Ride is a recreational instructed ride/week ( practice and horse time


NOTE: Missed classes or events are not The Humblehorse Responsibility….we will be on a tight committed schedule and will do our best to make something up if it works out but we can’t guarantee any makeups and are unable to offer the program at a pro-rated cost due to our high demand. 


Academy Costs 


Storm Academy: FULL program  2 lessons/week 500+GST / month ( $525) with a minimum 3-month commitment at a time) 


Storm Academy: 1/2 Program  1x /week 1 hour ( Full storm Academy occupies the majority of these classes)

$285+GST/month ( $299.25) with a minimum of 3-month commitment at a time

Each Storm module-level exam $65.00+GST



We are extremely excited to launch The Storm Academy 2022/2023and to have you all part of this great expansion and the Future of the Humblehorse Ranch.


Please contact us for more info, eligibility, testing, and schedules 

Storm  Academy Registration: Currently Taking Registrations


START DATE: February -June  2023


  Please see directions under the "Map" tab.  Once you have spoken to our coach and have a secured spot please find forms here..... registration forms click here

Our space is limited so pls try to inquire/register early.  All our riding lessons/events during the off-season are held in our heated Arena and all our social and classroom activities our heated bunkhouse.  Our spring, summer, and even fall lessons, events, and recreational rides take place in our Humblehorse Riding Park which consists of outdoor arenas as well as over 12 miles of tilled track/trail to ride on.

Our Storm Academy & Discovery Riding Lessons will mainly be in the evenings from Monday-Friday with the possibility of some Daytime and weekend classes. We will have the lesson days and times finalized upon your registration.  



To get more information contact us either by email or phone in order to secure your spot.  Payment must be made in full by cash, cheque or E-transfer prior to any spots being reserved.  We have limited space this year and want to give everyone an equal opportunity to get a chance to try out.

Whether you are returning or are new, be sure and contact us for any questions you may have.  We do have limited space but we have an excellent string of horses to choose from and will do our very best to accommodate everyone. 

We look forward to hearing from you !!


The Humblehorse Team

Please contact us for information & availability at 

Please ensure that you print and fill out a new registration form for each new event (but not lesson renewals)  even if its in the same year.  This is to ensure we have the most current emergency and health information.  However waiver forms are valid for the current calendar year.  Note that there are two forms to choose from;  one for clients over the age of 18 and one for those under age 18.  




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