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Phoenix Riding Program

The Phoenix has always symbolized a new beginning, a refreshing new start.  And with that in mind we created a brand new horse riding program that captures that new and refreshing experience. 

The Phoenix Riding Program is also designed to be a continuation of our Discovery riding Program( Storm Academy).  Many facets of advanced riding, horse care, conditioning, and training can only be learned on a horse that you own and that only you ride.  Whether for competition or just reliable recreational riding, 

Owning your own horse gives you a unique opportunity to bond and become an effective working team.  Lesson or lease horses that have shared riders are typically trained to a generic set of riding standards, but with a horse you own you have an opportunity to handle and train them to the way you like riding.  This opens the door to a much greater riding experience.   

And even if you have owned your horse for a long time, you may not be enjoying your rides to the fullest, or participating in the events you always wanted to,  either because you don't have friends to ride with or because you're not sure how to prepare your horse.  Well, the Phoenix Riding Program can help you fix that. 


Phoenix Recreational Riding Program

What is The Phoenix Program ? It is a recreational riding program where each member owns their horse and boards them at The Humblehorse Ranch.All Phoenix members will have access to our indoor heated Coverall arena, our Riding Park, which is over 12 miles of tilled track and trails, and our NEW Phoenix barn which is in the process of being built.Each Phoenix member will be provided their own personal tack box which has a saddle rack inside and hooks for bridles or miscellaneous tack. Arena, track and trail use are open anytime they are not being used by The Storm Academy for lessons, clinics, test , etc. There will be a white board in bunkhouse with schedule and also a group chat to keep every updated and for any questions or concerns to be answered promptly .


All horses being considered for the program must be broke to ride ( no unbroke, lame, or dangerous problem horses). In general, All horses on the property will run in one herd, with the occasional exception of a select few separated into another herd or paddock ( under certain circumstances). However, in general all horses will run together on the same feed, turn in/out schedule. 


Phoenix members are invited to join the Storm Academy if they feel they need to improve or want to advance their riding skills . They are welcome to use their own horse or one of the Ranches horses. (There is a small discount for the Storm Academy only applicable to current Phoenix members) 


The Goal and Dream of the Phoenix Program is to gather a great group of riders and their horses who all share a similar love and passion for horseback riding , have tons of fun and be able to do it ALL at one dynamic facility.

The Phoenix Program is not a Boarding facility  . We are a Recreational Group Riding Program where you own your horse and board at The Humblehorse . 


Any supplement , special treatment , specified appointment ( massage , chiro ect ) is up to the owner to arrange or administer, however we are always there to help if needed .


Farrier can be on a 4-8 week schedule for the entire group and whoever needs to be looked at can plan to be there and let us know so we can prepare the farrier for the workload . If you prefer you own farrier thats fine but will be up to you to organize . 


Phoenix Recreational Group Rides:


There will be a scheduled Phoenix group ride 1 x /week. We would encourage everyone attend if possible. There will be lots of notice as to when it is and we hope to keep it on a similar weekly schedule certain times of the year. The Phoenix group rides are a chance for us all to come together, have some fun , visit and ride !! The rides are open to just basic pleasure, fun events, and monthly event practice. We can decide as a group and discuss some sort of structure to each Phoenix ride as we schedule them.  We strongly encourage all member ideas and are open to almost anything if the facilities permit.


The Humblehorse would like to host an event every 1-2 months. We always want something fun and exciting  to train and strive for, prepare for and just to look forward to! Just to give you a few ideas of what we have in mind for our different “event” themes:

( All seasonal) 

  • Group mountain rides/campouts

  • Riding the parade, 

  • Bringing In clinicians ie barrels, roping, penning ect ect)

  • Gymkhana , 

  • Endurance/Competitive trail, 

  • Cowboy challenge, 

  • Cattle Penning

And so much more ! We are open and welcome all members thoughts and ideas !

We would have the riding event wrapped up with a  “Bunkhouse Hoedown!” The hoedown is a Phoenix group gathering with a potluck dinner,  some good music and a good old visit where we can get excited and plan our next group adventures! 


We encourage and are looking for members who want to ride as much as they can, want to participate in all the fun events , be part of and help expand our already amazing  “family” type  community ! We want The Humblehorse Ranch to be a place where everyone feels welcome and at home . 



If a rider becomes I’ll, injured or has to be away for a while , arrangements must be made for your horse to be rode weekly so he doesn’t become a pasture ornament . Duties can be arranged with another Phoenix member , humblehorse staff or other . Details could be discussed further if the issue arises . We want to avoid the “horse hospital, or feedlot facility “ feel. We want riders and their noble steeds healthy in our one of a kind program !!


We can’t wait to meet you and have you part of our Phoenix Program !





  • All members Must own Your OWN their horse and board at the Humblehorse Ranch

  • Ride at least once or many times a week as possible.

  • Participate in the group rides/monthly events if possible

  • We are Not a typical boarding facility. We are a recreational group riding program which requires you to board your horse at the ranch. 

  • Our program requires a broke, sound and safe horse. ( pls inquire with either Clarence or Becky for further info)

  • ALL horses in the program must be well broke and & safe  ( contact Becky or Clarence for more info )

  • $400/month to be paid the 1st if each month 

  • Contracts , terms and conditions and expectations must be discussed and signed off on before a member brings their horse to the ranch.

  • Members have access to the indoor coverall riding arena , All riding park trails and tilled exercise tracks and the NEW Phoenix Barn ( under construction) 

  • Horses run blanket free year round and in general as one herd

  • All get expenses, farrier, shots ect ect are owners responsibility 

  • All members must have all their own tack , supplies ex ( fly spray, show sheen, brushes , farrier tools ect ect )



WE are striving to create a Fun, exciting, positive riding program , where all riders can do what they love doing while in the company of others sharing the same passion of horses. Come Ride With Us!! Its  time to Take Life By the Reins!!


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