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Storm Academy

All of our Riding Lessons are under our Storm Academy. We start accepting new riders as early as the age of 9 ( with some exceptions) right up to 75!  Right from the first lesson, clinic, or camp, we in-grain safety and the basics of horse control into every drill and game we play on horseback. The Storm Academy consists of a very comprehensive program with module levels, for youth and adult beginner to advanced riders.  For some first-time riders we actually start them out in the pasture rounding up the horses.  With our large herd they are able to clearly see natural herd behavior and as we catch, they can see how that behavior has been modified through training.  This experience builds a great foundation of understanding that extends well into the saddle, as they learn how to ride and properly control their horses.  Our Storm Academy and very hands on  approach is producing some of the best and proficient riders we have ever seen.   The results have been amazing. 

The adventure begins as we roundup the horses and herd them into the corral.  Then we move into our heated arena where we we learn and practice all the basics of grooming, care and control of our horses.  From there we saddle up and begin our ride.      


 The arena is where the riding starts, but it certainly doesn't end there.   As riders improve their skills  (weather permitting) we continue our adventure to our riding park with groomed and treed trails that can challenge every skill level and games on horseback for the kids in the trees.  The possibilities are endless.

All of our lessons and riding programs have been developed in consultation with our in house TEAM of coaching and youth development professionals to be age appropriate, stimulate learning and create the most we possibly can during their riding experience. 


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