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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get there?
We are located on the Western edge of Strathmore, AB , within town limits. Our address is 2100 Range Road 254 .  Google maps is unable to show rural locations so please see map located under the More button on the Humblehorse Map pulldown menu. 

Do we ride western or english?
We are a western riding facility!

What do I wear?
Western riding boots, a shoe with a good heel or even a roper runner would also be okay. Please NO HIKING BOOTS OR LACED BOOTS WITH HEAVY GRIPS. THEY CAN BE DANGEROUS BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT EASILY SLIP OUT OF THE STIRRUPS.

Jeans, or long pants are acceptable, and shirts that you don't mind getting a little dirty. We don't have extra sweaters or jackets, so please bring enough layers to keep you warm on those chilly days.

Do I need to bring head and footwear?
You can bring your own helmets and boots, but we do have extra’s in our arena for you to use as well!

Can I bring my own horse?
Unfortunately not, All lesson horses are provided. 

Do I need to bring my own tack?
No, we provide you with all of the equipment necessary for riding.

Do I get to pick my own horse?
Not in the beginning, for  your safety we leave that to the riding coach. But as you progress you will be matched with a horse that will be suited to your experience level and capabilites. 

What level of riding expertise is required?
We offer programs for any level of horse riding experience. CONTACT US for an assessment to find out where you will fit in!

How long are the lessons?
Depending on the program you are looking at, our programs and lessons range from 1 hour to 2 hours. 

How many people are there per program?
Generally there will be 4 riders per class, however number may vary slightly for our leadline classes, which sometimes will have 6 if we have enough volunteers. 

Are you certified?
Yes, we sure are! Becky Skuter, our head riding coach is certified through Equine Canada and CanFit Pro. Aimee Bailey, our youth developmental coordinator, has a degree in child and youth studies, and Clarence Skuter, owner and manager, has an agriculural degree (and is also and Engineering technologist). Clarence has a lifetime of experience breaking, training and racing horses for saddle and harness. 

Permission Forms?
We will provide you with all the permission forms upon registration. You will receive an email once you sign up with all of the forms attached.

What if the weather is too cold or wet?
We have a nice and cozy heated arena, so you will stay nice and warm! However, both us and our horses also have to join you in the arena, so if it is too cold, we will reschedule the programs.

What if I am allergic to horses?
Knowing is half the battle!  Remember to take your allergy medication before you come.  Depending on the severity our Henhouse does provide a viewing area that is somewhat separated fom the riding area.  As well when weather permits we do keep our large arena slightly open to allow for maximum air flow. 

How old do I have to be to ride your horses?
Our minimum age requirement is 5 years old for leadline , but we offer classes for youth and adults! If you want to experience the sport of horseback riding, we will make it happen regardless of age!

Do parents have a place to hang out?
Parents are welcome to sit back and relax in our heated, cozy viewing room 'The Henhouse.'

Forms of payment and when is it due?
All payments can be made via cash, check or e-transfer.  Payment is due a minimum of 24 hours before the first lesson.

Are there additional charges and hidden costs after we book our programs?
No.. All costs are included in the price that you see on our website.

What is your cancellation policy?
Unfortunately, there is no refund to our clients who cancel within 24 hours of the lesson. Due to the time and effort put into planning Humblehorse's lessons, it is the rider's responsibility to show up and on time as we do not offer make-up sessions. In the event that we may have to cancel, a make-up session will be re-scheduled.

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